Enfants du Monde – For a…

Enfants du Monde – For a quality education

Bangladesh/Burkina Faso/Guatemala 2011 – 23’30”

Through the testimonials of children, parents, teachers, educators and politicians from Bangladesh, Burkina Faso and Guatemala, this film presents the fundamental principles and successes of the “Pedagogy of Text” approach and how it contributes to improving the quality of education on several continents.
Producer/Director/Editor: Fernando Tiberini
Camera/Sound: Bastien Genoux, Gabriel Sandru
Format: HD colour 16:9

Enfants du Monde Bangladesh

Mitenand/Ensemble/Insieme (TV broadcast)
The educational programme of Enfants du Monde in Bangladesh

Bangladesh 2011 – 3’09”

Rahima attends a school supported by Enfants du Monde in the slums of Dhaka where 450 children benefit from a high quality education.
Production Company: SF Swiss Broadcasting Corporation
Producer: Hans Haldimann
Director/Editor: Fernando Tiberini
Camera/Sound: Gabriel Sandru
Format: HD colour 16:9

The Art of Flirting

The Art of Flirting

UK 2004 – 10’15”

A step-by-step manual for the romantic at heart.
Producer/Writer: Simon Tzu
Director: Fernando Tiberini
Camera: Matt Brasier
Format: DV b/w 4:3
Festival History:
Kerry International Short Film Festival (Ireland) – 2004
Montecatini-Terme FilmVideo Festival (Italy) – 2005
Ashdod International Film Festival (Israel) – 2006