Die Diagnosen der Frau…

Die Diagnosen der Frau Schwarz

The Multiple Diagnoses of Mrs Schwarz

Feature film teaser, 2015

A 55-year-old woman with diffuse symptoms of malaise goes from one therapist to another, encountering a host of doctors, naturopaths and esoteric healers in a personal odyssey in search of a definitive diagnosis. With each encounter she is pulled deeper into the therapy jungle where hope comes at a cost, threatening to destroy both her relationship with her daughter and a new partner. Only when she hits rock bottom and is forced to confront her loneliness and unhappiness does she find her own path to a new meaning in life.

Spielfilm-Teaser, 2015

Eine 55-jährige alleinstehende Frau mit diffusen Symptomen geht von einem Arzt, Therapeuten und Naturheilkundler zum anderen in einer Odyssee durch den Therapiedschungel des 21. Jahrhunderts. Mit jeder neuen Diagnose und teuren Therapie gerät sie tiefer in den Strudel, wodurch ihre Beziehungen zur Tochter und einem neuen Partner scheitern. Erst als sie ganz auf sich selbst gestellt ist, präsentiert sich die rettende Lösung zu all ihren Problemen und sie findet einen neuen Sinn in ihrem Leben.

I genitori (The Parents)

I genitori (Les Parents/The Parents)

Switzerland 2010 – 10’40”

Flavia and Marcello play with dolls who bear an uncanny resemblance to their parents, making them lie, beat and bury each other. The parents look on in silence until they are forced to reveal their secret.
Production Company: Cinédokké
Co-Producer: RSI (Swiss Broadcasting Corporation)
Writer/Director: Fernando Tiberini
Camera: Thomas Hines
Format: HD (RED) colour 16:9

Festival History:
Festival Internacional de Cine de Huesca (Huesca, Spain) – 2011 Official Selection
Film Festival Centovalli (Intragna, Switzerland) – 2011
International Izmir Short Film Festival (Izmir, Turkey) – 2011
Loch Ness Film Festival (Drumnadrochit, United Kingdom) – 2012
One Shot Int’l Short Film Festival Yerevan (Yerevan, Armenia) – 2012 Official Selection
Shqip Film Fest Kosovo (Prishtina, Kosovo) – 2012 BEST SCREENPLAY
In the Palace Int’l Short Film Festival Bulgaria (Varna, Bulgaria) – 2012 Official Selection
Malta TV Short Film Festival (La Valletta, Malta) – 2012 VIEWERS’ CHOICE AWARD
Sukagawa International Short Film Festival (Sukagawa, Japan) – 2012
Auburn Int’l Film Festival for Children and Young Adults Sydney (Sydney, Australia) – 2012 Official Selection
Oxfordshire Relate Film Festival (Chipping Norton, United Kingdom) – 2012 BEST FILM RUNNER-UP
Cyprus International Film Festival (Nicosia, Cyprus) – 2012 CINEMATOGRAPHY SPECIAL MENTION
Film Festival Popoli e Religioni (Terni, Italy) – 2012 Official Selection
Peloponnesian International Film Festival (Loutraki, Greece) – 2012 Official Selection

RSI La2 (Swiss Broadcasting Corporation) – 2011
HD Suisse – 2011
Eurochannel – 2011-12
Other Screenings / Film Tours:
Sala de Arte de Tabasco – Tour de cortos (Mexico) – 2011
Aliança francesa de Natal – Tour de curtas (Brazil) – 2011
Harvard University – European Short Film Festival (USA) – 2012
University of Pittsburgh – Europe at 8:00 (USA) – 2012

Maria with Vincent

Maria with Vincent

UK 2005 – 6’10”

Maria cannot bear to lose Vincent to his bride on his wedding day. When their forbidden love finally comes to the surface, Maria tries to win him back for one last night. Can he resist temptation?
Producer/Writer/Director/Editor: Fernando Tiberini
Camera: Matt Brasier
Format: HDV colour 16:9

Festival History:
Bucharest Syca Short Film Festival (Romania) – 2005
Izmir International Short Film Festival (Turkey) – 2005
Venice International Short Film Festival Circuito Off (Italy) – 2005 JURY SPECIAL MENTION
Reggio Film Festival (Italy) – 2006
Lisbon Village International D-Cinema Festival (Portugal) – 2006
Festival der Nationen Ebensee (Austria) – 2006
Vienna International Short Film Festival Cosi fan tutte (Austria) – 2006
Imaginaria Film Festival Conversano (Italy) – 2006
São Paulo International Short Film Festival (Brazil) – 2006
Asiana International Short Film Festival (Korea) – 2006
Los Angeles International Short Film Festival (USA) – 2006
HDFest Los Angeles (USA) – 2008

An Unexpected Turn of…

An Unexpected Turn of Events in the Family of
Don Abelardo de Aguirre

Argentina 2006 – 4’30”

Don Abelardo plans to marry off his beautiful daughter Beatriz to the ageing womaniser José Carlos. By inviting him over for dinner he hopes to make him propose to her, when out of nowhere appears Ramón Jesús…
Production Company: Lanave Films
Producer/Co-Writer: Daniel Selen
Writer/Director: Fernando Tiberini
Camera: Gustavo Riet Sapriza
Format: DVCAM colour 16:9

The Politician and His…

The Politician and His Kingdom

Der Politiker und sein Königreich

Switzerland 2014 – 5’30”

Portrait commissioned by the Latvian-Swiss Cooperation Programme of Swiss Development and Cooperation Agency (SDC/DEZA) for the Lives in transition series
Production Company: dubbed perceptions
Producer: Hynek Bureš
Director/Camera: Fernando Tiberini
Editor: Alex Elkins
Format: HD 16:9

Enfants du Monde – For a…

Enfants du Monde – For a quality education

Bangladesh/Burkina Faso/Guatemala 2011 – 23’30”

Through the testimonials of children, parents, teachers, educators and politicians from Bangladesh, Burkina Faso and Guatemala, this film presents the fundamental principles and successes of the “Pedagogy of Text” approach and how it contributes to improving the quality of education on several continents.
Producer/Director/Editor: Fernando Tiberini
Camera/Sound: Bastien Genoux, Gabriel Sandru
Format: HD colour 16:9

Enfants du Monde Bangladesh

Mitenand/Ensemble/Insieme (TV broadcast)
The educational programme of Enfants du Monde in Bangladesh

Bangladesh 2011 – 3’09”

Rahima attends a school supported by Enfants du Monde in the slums of Dhaka where 450 children benefit from a high quality education.
Production Company: SF Swiss Broadcasting Corporation
Producer: Hans Haldimann
Director/Editor: Fernando Tiberini
Camera/Sound: Gabriel Sandru
Format: HD colour 16:9

The Art of Flirting

The Art of Flirting

UK 2004 – 10’15”

A step-by-step manual for the romantic at heart.
Producer/Writer: Simon Tzu
Director: Fernando Tiberini
Camera: Matt Brasier
Format: DV b/w 4:3
Festival History:
Kerry International Short Film Festival (Ireland) – 2004
Montecatini-Terme FilmVideo Festival (Italy) – 2005
Ashdod International Film Festival (Israel) – 2006